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100 % Web Based Application. Secure HIPPA Compliant software.


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Most affordable R.I.S. / PACS on the market. Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Industry.

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Today's Reimbursements are at an all time low.
Our Tele-Radiology software will lower your overhead and
reduce the amount of time it takes to process your cases.


I.T. PACS Pro Software Inc. 

Specializing in Radiology Information Systems, Tele-Radiology Reporting Software, PACS Integrations & HL7 Interface Configurations


WHY is Web flow Online The Best Radiology Information System for your Practice? can empower your imaging center and provide your company the online presence it deserves.

Web Flow Online has a real time patient health insurance verification module that will automatically verify your patient’s health insurance.

Web Flow Online has the fastest scheduling module in the industry.  Allowing your staff to schedule patients in under 45 seconds.

Fully integrated voice recognition with popular products, MModal, SpeechQ, Fluency Direct, and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I.T. PACS Pro Software Inc. can install and deploy your RIS in less than 2 weeks. Getting you online and running faster than any other system.

Appointment Reminder

Medical Transcription Software

Automated Health Insurance Verifications

Radiology Information System


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It refers to transmitting of radiological images like X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and Ultrasounds from one hospital to another for the purposes of interpretation, consultation and reporting. It uses standard technologies such as internet, telephone line, LAN and the latest computer clouds to enable radiologists to analyze images given for study. It helps trained health care providers to offer services on 27/7 basis without being at the location of the patient.

Features & Benefits of Teleradiology Systems

Equipped with advanced features like graphic processing, voice recognition, image compression, today’s scalable and flexible radiology solutions help physicians or radiologists to send images to any hospital in the world. Our Teleradiology System facilitate quick and efficient transfer of images to enable health care providers offer timely and cost-effective patient care from their homes or offices, without being at the location of a patient. It help in providing accurate diagnosis much faster than traditional film images and help users sending images using PACS in no time in any part of the globe. Our highly effective teleradiology system is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of health care service providers across the world.


Your transcriptionist will also receive a notification followed by high definition audio that can be transcribed using transcription foot pedals directly on the web. The record returns back to your radiologist for review and final signature. The radiologist has the ability to auto sign all of his reports!

Providing your radiologist the ability to digitally dictate, edit and sign reports in half the time it takes them now, resulting in a faster turnaround time for your clients.

Finally, all of your referrers will be extremely excited they can get online and find any of their radiology reports in one place. Purchasing a system like this will provide the incentive to your clients to use only your corporations imaging services all the time.

Purchase this product and your website can look exactly like this one, we can change logos, add or remove video and edit the content on any of the pages to suit your needs. Are you interested in a customized front end? We can provide your company its own personalized custom website.
Web Flow Online was created to provide the radiology community a complete RIS/PACS application at a cost that anyone can afford.

I. T. PACS Pro Inc. noticed a void in the radiology market. We decided to create Web Flow Online. Web flow Online provides diagnostic imaging centers and radiologists options for a complete RIS/PACS or Tele-Radiology that anyone can afford.

We understand with today’s reimbursement rates companies do not have the ability to expend a thousands of dollars on a RIS / PACS System. In addition to the software licensing, the imaging center is expected to store its diagnostic studies and reports for seven years. The expertise that is required to house an I. T. infrastructure capable of supporting this kind of demand is very expensive.
I.T. PACS Pro Inc. is offering retail sale of this excellent application, as well as a hosted model for clients who do not have the I.T Staff or infrastructure to support a web application.

Does your center provide imaging services to Multi-Physician groups? Web Flow Online can create multiple report templates for each account allowing you to brand each physician’s reports to their needs.

I.T. PACS Pro Inc. believes in personalized service to all of its customers. Many of our customers request certain feature or add ons to our products and we are able to introduce these features in a couple of weeks instead of months or years.

highly secure and HIPPA compliant

This web application is highly secure and HIPPA compliant. We have the most astringent QA process in the industry.

Web Flow Online has integrated invoicing! Invoice your transcriptionist by page, character or modality. Invoice your accounts by date range and provide them an itemized invoice with patient names, id numbers and exam names. Accept payments; apply discounts or credits to client’s accounts. Finally transfer all of this information directly into quick books. There is no longer a delay; you can collaborate with your accountant immediately.

Don’t need a whole RIS or PACS?

Interested in Transcription software only?

Or Radiologist Practice Management software?

Web Flow Online can fulfill your transcription or Tele-Radiology needs and provide an online system for your clients to obtain their reports.


    Web Flow Online has provided our center a presence on the Web.  I.T. PACS Pro has the quickest feature request turnaround I have ever seen.  Any new feature I can think of is provided to me almost instantly.  I feel like I have my very own custom Radiology Information System designed just for my center and our need


    Imaging Center Owner,
    Fort Lauderdale Florida


    I.T. Pacs Pro Software Inc. has an excellent track record with my Tele-Radiology business.  They have provided me the fastest reporting system I have seen in the market.  With our platinum service contract they make themselves available 24x7 for all my support needs.  I.T. PACS Pro has helpped grow my tele-radiology practice over 60% from my traditional paper reporting.  I have worked with them since early 2007 and I will continue to work with them in the future.


    Diagnostic Radiologist,
    Broward County Florida